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Welcome to

Welcome to, a video game fan wiki that almost anyone can edit.

From its early days as a static fan site, we have grown to become the Internet's foremost Langrisser-related wiki with more than 300 articles about characters, equipment and more.

We encourage fellow fans to contribute new content and expand on our existing content. To ensure the integrity of the site, users are required to register an account on our forum to gain editing privileges.

What is Langrisser?

Langrisser is a series of strategy and strategy-RPG games developed by NCS/Masaya and CareerSoft from 1987–1999. Although a landmark title in the genre, only the first game was ever released in English.

Since 1998, fan translation efforts have been underway that have made most games in the series accessible to English and Chinese-speaking players.

Spoiler Policy

Like most game-related wikis, we are dedicated to collecting information about our chosen series. In order to provide comprehensive content about the characters and interconnected storyline of the Langrisser universe, spoilers are an unfortunate necessity.

Unless an article is presenting hard data, such as unit stats, spoilers should be expected. This is especially true for character pages, which will frequently expose endings and plot twists.

We do not make any attempt to shield our users from spoilers: read at your own risk.

Community has been online since April 2000, when it was created as the fan site Clouds of El Sallia. It became a wiki in 2008.

Our community has the distinction of being one of the few sources of Langrisser information in English, and the only source to still be online and updated after 14 years.

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