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Ares Lovina
Race Human
Birthplace Gresden
Age 19
Position Apprentice to Local Lord
Ancestors Digos
Voice Actor Shūta Morishima
Appearances Langrisser RE: Incarnation

A young member of a vigilance group, who is taken care by the local lord. He has a strong sense of justice and honesty that doesn't allow him to forgive tyrannical Imperials.

Ares lost his family in the war and was separated from his little sister in his infancy. Ares learns fencing from Towa and has a hard-working attitude, but he often hesitates and has troubles with girls.

It is revealed on the dark path by Autokrato IV that Ares was the son of the late emperor. Futhermore he reveals that the bloodline of the emperors is of Böser and the first Emperor, Kaiser Digos. It is for this reason that he can wield Alhazard without going berserk and how he can wield Langrisser as well.

Nintendo 3DS

Fighter Route

General King
High Lord
Lord Guardian Marshal
Fighter Defender
Elite Sentinel Elite Ranger
Knight Master

Magician Route

Witch Archmage
Warlock Master Summoner
Magician Summoner
Bishop Guardian
High Priest Hermit

Knight Route

Holy Lord Holy Master
Holy Knight
White Lord Knight Master Royal Knight
Horseman Heavy Knight
Knight General
High Lord

Cleric Route

Saint Paladin
Temple Knight
Servant High Priest
Divine Priest
Bishop Guardian
Elite Ranger Master Ranger
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