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Race Human
Birthplace Suluktan
Age Many Centuries
Position Society of Light Member
Voice Actor Ken Narita
Appearances Langrisser Millennium WS
Langrisser Millennium
Designer K2 Company

A legendary hero of Suluktan who survived the destruction of the ancient civilization and still lives inside the Eternal Youth Barrier, although there's a tale that even God grieved his death during the Artificial God Swordsman War. Due to the side-effect of the Barrier he is always angry. He and Lutemia were once lovers and their relationship has become legend. He formed the Society of Light along Abakur and Urmar with the only purpose of creating an artificial god. His God Sword is a huge blade.


Langrisser Millennium WS

He appears in an extra scene of the Route A ending in Langrisser Millennium WS where the Society of Light appears on the ruins of the giant weapon Archangel. He curses Abishai for failing and then orders Sarban and Sharif to get their swords and return to Sulukt.

Langrisser Millennium

A hundred years later, he and the Society of Light are the ones behind the worldwide conflict, even unleashing Sharif and Sarban to wreck havoc. He can be optionally fought as an illusion in Parnis but will always fight the heroes in flesh at Sulukt protecting Isharar's cocoon. When defeated he is surprised by the collapse of his body and says he can't forgive such a thing.

If Lutemia is in the party during the final battle against the Society of Light she questions Arios where has he been if he was going to save the people, only to be told that he doesn't want to be bothered by someone who serves a senseless organization which opposes them. Finally, he says that he can't stop being angry for ever loving a monster like her.


Langrisser Millenium(NPC only)

Langrisser Millennium WS: The Last Century
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