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Character Creation in Langrisser RE: Incarnation -TENSEI-

In Langrisser RE: Incarnation, the character creation quiz is presented by Jessica. She asks Ares several questions telling him that they will decide his attributes.

How Ares answers each question affects his base statistics, his class route, and any starting items and skills.

At the end of the quiz, the player may choose to change game difficulty, to redo the quiz, or finally, confirm all changes.

Which soldiers are most useful?

  • Agile, multi-role infantry (Fighter Class Route Question 2)
  • Wise mages that turn the tide (Magician Class RouteQuestion 2)
  • Rank-breaking cavalry (Calvary Class RouteQuestion 2)
  • Clerics who heal and support (Cleric Class Route Question 2)

What do you believe in most?

What do you think is most important for a good life?

Your town is being invaded. What is your plan of action?

Tomorrow is your friend's anniversary. What would you like to do for your friend?

What animal would you prefer as a pet?

You gain a supernatural power. What kind of power is it?

In matters of the heart, what factor is most important in wooing the person you love?

What must you do to attract the person you like?

Lastly, why do you fight?

  • For my loved ones (DF+1)
  • For my country (Learn Command Ability+3)
  • for my honor (AT+1)
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