Chronology of the Langrisser Universe

In the world of Langrisser, time is marked according to the Gaia calendar, a relative measurement based on the orbit of the main planet. This website uses the abbreviation “GY” before a year to identify years on the Gaia calendar.

This information is compiled, as accurately as possible, using the events of the Langrisser series of games, and the history of Gaia as laid down in the Guyframe instruction manual.

For purposes of clarity, the names of certain roles have been altered to be uniform at points where the timelines split. However, a distinction is made between the Elthlead and Velzeria lineage laid down in Guyframe (Timeline A) and the Eltlead lineage of the Langrisser series (Timeline B).

Wars that result in multiple time branches are split off into separate sections outside the main timeline.

Pre-History Light and Darkness come into existence Pre-History
Gods such as Lushiris, Chaos and Gendrasil are created from the imbalance
The gods create the material universe
Civilization develops on Crimzonia and Gaia
The super continent on Gaia breaks apart into El Sallia, Yeless and Torgam
Crimzonia and Gaia begin an arms race that results in the development of magical weapons
The people of Crimzonia construct a Chaos Gate to obtain the powers of the Dark Lord
Gaia responds by creating the Lushiris Gate
Gaia is conquered by Crimzonia
Crimzonia rounds up inhabitants who cannot use magic and deports them to Gaia
With the help of the Crimzonian Landers, Gaia develops more powerful weapons such as guyframe
Gaia rebels after several hundred years of oppression
Crimzonia is knocked into a new orbit by a magical blast and begins to pass near Gaia only once every 200 years
A thousand years pass
Timeline A Timeline B
GY 0 The countries of Beizel, Elthlead, Gilgard and Velzeria begin to flourish on Gaia The countries of Larcuss, Barral, Rigüler and Velzeria begin to flourish on Gaia GY 0
GY c.1 Rule of Herman and Wehlmann, Wehlmann of Velzeria begins the Elthlead Wars
GY ? Velzeria rebuilds after the heavy losses of the previous war. The kingdom of Beizel is absorbed by Gilgard and Elthlead.
GY c.51 Gilgard suffers a severe famine, during this time the Velzerian army crushed and annex the kingdom.
GY 87 Varlin is able to help King Kirch (Sieghart II) stop the forces of Velzeria, Yolen disappears, and both forces are decimated and need to rebuild. Elthlead now rule Gilgard’s former territories
GY 120 Rule of Sieghart of Elthlead. This year marks the start of the events of Crest of Gaia.
GY 148 The Wars of Gaia end, this mark the start of the Era of Unification
Events of Langrisser III GY c.200
Elthlead is founded, in time it becomes known as Baldea, Salrath is established as a dukedom GY ?
Events of Langrisser I GY c.800
Kalxath and Rayguard are founded ?
Fall of Baldea GY c.980
Events Langrisser II GY c.1000
Timeline A Timeline B Timeline C
Kalxath grows in power, annexes Salrath and other countries of El Sallia ? History Unknown ?
GY 980-1280 Era of Elthlead Ends, possibly due to continental drift Forgotten Events of Langrisser IV& V GY c.1200 Events of Langrisser Re:Incarnation ?
Rise of the Hyperborea Empire and Ibbas Union ?
GY 1,280 Rise of Valt Empire
Events of Langrisser Mobile GY c.1350
GY 1,518 Gaia is united once again by the Valt Empire
GY 1518-1690 The Valt Civil War
GY 1690 The Valt Empire breaks into the Kingdom of Meius and the Empire of Valt
GY 1,916-2,150 El Meius unites Gaia once more
GY 2,150-2,370 Nations across Gaia begin to decay
GY 2,370-2,880 War of Secession
GY 2,880-3,211 Continental War
GY 3211 The Continental War ends in mutual non-aggression treaty
GY 3,212 The countries of Dearsle Federation, Veldarth Federation, and other countries begin to flourish on Gaia
GY 3,250 Gelbert Steiner, the founder of the Dearsle Federation, issued the “Dearsle Declaration,” a multinational agreement intended to bring lasting peace to Gaia.
GY 4,221 The Veldarth Federation leaves the non-aggression treaty. Dearsle forms an alliance with neighboring countries.
GY 4,222 Veldarth begins military conquest of the contient. The events of Guyframe take place

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