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Race Human
Birthplace Kalxath
Position Princess of Kalxath
Ancestors Torrand, Luna, Namu, Lance, Cherie
Descendants None
Voice Actor Tomoko Kawakami
Appearances Langrisser V

Clarett is the daughter of the kaiser of Kalxath, who was murdered four years before the events of Langrisser V.

After her father's death, she leaves the castle to hunt down and kill Werner, the former captain of the Knights of Kalxath who is suspected of the kaiser's murder. After chasing him for a year, she locates Sigma and kills him by plunging a sword through his heart.

Two years later, Clarett returns to Yeless to seek the aid of Jessica after seeing demons loose in El Sallia. While out of the castle, the prime minister Gilmore moves to seize power and charges Clarett with complicity in her father's murder, placing a 500,000P bounty on her head.

In Yeless, she meets Alfred and gives him an El Sallian herb he can use to relieve his father's fever. Clarett meets the reanimated Sigma while travelling with Alfred to deliver the medicine to his father, Rockwell. The meeting sends he fleeing in terror.

After the deaths of Gizarof and his henchmen, Clarett catches up with Jessica at the port of Fjitt and follows her back to El Sallia. When Sigma arrives right behind them, it confirms Gilmore's accusation and Duke Quaid attempts to have her arrested and executed. After defeating Quaid, she joins Sigma to reclaim her father's throne and help him to clear his name.

She is the descendant of Luna, Namu, and Cherie.

High Priest
Cleric Saint Princess
Pegasus Knight Paladin
Pegasus Lord Dragon Lord Dragon Master
Dragon Knight
Ranger High Master
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