Cosmology of the Langrisser Universe

The Langrisser series takes place on the planet Gaia, a habitable planet quite similar to Earth, which exists in an unnamed solar system orbiting an unnamed star.

Gaia has two moons: Crimzo and Pelia. Crimzo, the small red moon, is capable of sustaining life and appears similar in size to a large star when viewed from the surface of Gaia. The smaller blue moon, Pelia, is actually a decommissioned battle station.

While Gaia is home to humans, Crimzo is home to a humanoid race called Crimzonians. Externally, Crimzonians and humans are indistinguishable. However, Crimzonians have a lifespan that can number several hundred or more Gaia years.

An additional monster race exists on both Gaia and Crimzo. It is unknown how long it has existed, but the monsters may have appeared when gifted Crimzonians first formed a magical pact with Chaos.

The world of Gaia and Crimzo is further complicated by multiple planes of existence. While the majority of each game takes place within the physical plane, we are given periodic peeks into other planes of existence.

The souls of dead humans are known to return a dark plane, also called the pool of souls. These humans souls can be recalled to the physical world by the power of Gods, a race of astral beings that manipulate the inhabitants of Gaia and Crimzo in some unknown cosmic game.

There is also a holy plane, marked by water and ice, which is the primary domain of the Goddess Lushiris. A gateway into Neo Gloria exists in the form of the Lushiris Gate, a structure on the surface of Gaia. Crimzo has a similar Chaos Gate, which allows entry into the domain of Chaos.

As humans and Crimzonians exist in the physical plane, the only way for them to damage a God is with a weapon capable of cutting astral space. Mana-channeling weapons such as Guyframe and Alhazard possess the power. Additionally, the sword Langrisser is capable of cutting astral space by channeling human will into energy. As the will of one human is exponentially less than the sum of the world's mana, it is considered an inferior weapon.

Many millennia ago, Crimzonia was involved in a civil war. In the aftermath, Crimzonians who were gifted with the ability to use “true magic” became the ruling elite. Common Crimzonians were rounded up and expelled from the moon, being sent to live among humans on the planet Gaia. These Crimzonians, called “Crimzonian landers,” were concentrated in the village of Recrio, upstream from Gotahl on the continent of Yeless.

With the weaker Crimzonians gone, the ruling elite formed a pact with a dark evolutionary force known as Chaos through the moon's Chaos Gate. With the aid of Chaos, they became even more powerful and ruled over Gaia.

After centuries of oppression, the humans and Crimzonian landers united in an incredible revolution. Using magical weapons and battleships, they were able to secure independence by striking Crimzo so hard that it entered a new orbit. On this orbit, the moon completed one revolution around Gaia every 200 years.

As the great battle faded from memory and the Crimzonian landers returned to hiding, mankind became lost in a series of struggles.

The initial pact with Chaos left the surface of Gaia exposed to demons, who derived power from the Chaos Gate. With Velzeria, the base of the demon's power, located on El Sallia, the land continued to be thrown into civil war and war with the demons whenever Crimzo entered the nearest point of its orbit.