Dawn of Darkness

“Dawn of Darkness” (闇のはじまりへ) is an image story written on May 22, 1997 by the Langrisser IV scenario writer Yoh Haduki. It provides background information on the character Gizarof and explains how he came to encounter Gendrasil.

The text was included as a bonus on the Saturn edition of Langrisser IV.

The sky. It seemed like a sea of molten lead blocking the sun's shine.

“A fitting sky for me to suffer under…” the man muttered as he walked the mountain path.

Technically, he could be described as a soldier, but none would call him a one — much less a knight — from how he looked now. His ragged leather armor offered little protection. He wore simple boots, and his sword sported a broken tip.

“Maybe I should just be thankful to be alive …”

The man, not even 20 years of age, had been drafted after the Alliance attacked his country. It was his chance to be freed from the squalor he had lived in. After all, he showed great promise in combat, not to mention magic. One such as he could never hope to enroll in his town's expensive fencing academy or magic school, and it seemed as if his talents would remain unrefined forever. As a soldier, surely he would be able to prove himself on the field of battle. In fact, he excelled, and it seemed that he would become a high ranking officer in no time at all.

But now, his homeland had succumbed to the Alliance.

What good was his rank now? What had he worked for? A life running from ruthless bounty hunters awaited him.

“From the time my father abandoned my mother and I … I have been a man who hasn't known fortune,” he said, sighing as he walked along the mountain path.

“Cursed fate! You even stole my mother away! I toiled to buy her the best medicines, and for what!? Fortune never smiles upon me. Why does it mock me!?”

Before knew it, he was running. He pushed his strong body harder than most men could. The only things that kept him going were his negative emotions: rage and malice.

Suddenly, he became aware of a shrill sound coming from the sky, and he watched as it split open. He underestimated the speed of the object, and before he realized, something had crashed onto the earth before him. The body of a dead soldier unceremoniously blasted away had knocked him down.

“No luck at all!” he cursed as he spit the sand out of his mouth and pushed the body off of him.

He returned to his feet and regarded the crater with interest.

He descended into the crater, although he could not see much in the great cloud of dust. The crater still felt warm, but an uneducated man such as him wouldn't be able to distinguish the heat built up on an object crashing to the earth after going through the friction of atmospheric entry. As he came to the center of the crater, he could see something. It looked like some kind of lump not much bigger than a fist.

“What in the world …”

It appeared to be a black quartz crystal, but there was a flame dancing faintly inside it. He could tell that this object held some kind of magical power. He broke out into a cold sweat. Taking a deep gulp, he summoned the courage to reach out and touch the crystal.

“You there.”

As his hand was about to make contact with the crystal, he heard a voice, and the flame inside grew. He pulled back immediately, and raised his chipped sword.

“What are you afraid of? I mean you no harm.”

His ears heard no sound. The voice seemed to be coming from inside his head.

“Who are you!”

“My name is Gendrasil. I am what you mortals would call a Devil.”

“A Devil …?”

“Indeed. A god of darkness. Mortals are fond of separating the Gods into those of light and darkness. As if mortals were fit to make such judgements.”

“Why is a Devil here? What do you want?”

“What do I want …” it said in a contemplative tone. If the crystal had eyes, perhaps they would be narrowed and looking far into the distance. “Why don't we say … I'm here to help you?”

“Help me?” A strange answer he hadn't expected at all. He lowered his sword. “A Devil, come to help me? That's ridiculous. Why would I trust you?”

“Trust or do not. That is your choice. But do you not seek power? The fragrance of misfortune clings to you. Is this not your opportunity to change? You are a man of many talents, yet they remain unrefined. This is your chance. I will draw them out and offer you even more. Power beyond your dreams.”

It was as if Gendrasil saw right through him. But if what he was saying were true, if he had power, he could end this chapter of his life — this chapter of misfortune. Perhaps this opportunity itself was a sign that luck could finally smile upon him.

“If you can really grant me power, I shall trust you.”

“A wise decision. I knew I had seen something in you. Now, reach out. Reach out and take the crystal!”

The was crystal floating in mid air. No longer hesitating, he grabbed it confidently.

“Guhhh …”

His body reacted as if struck by lightning, and the lingering heat of the crystal burned his right hand. The man who had let out a groan did not even notice the smell of burning flesh, as a thin laugh escaped from his throat.

“So this is power. Truly, it is something I have never felt before.”

The glare in the man's eyes changed from one that angrily cursed the world and all that was in it, to one that looked down on it aloofly with pallid irises.

“Now there is nothing on this earth that cannot be yours. Ah yes … you have not told me your name yet. Tell me, partner who shall rule this world with me.”

“I am, Gizarof …”

Translated by Kil 2012/05/20 01:35

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