Elthlead is also notable for being the first fantasy SLG game ever developed. While most SLG fans look back to Master of Monsters or Fire Emblem as the origin of the genre, these games were released in 1988 and 1990 respectively.

The world of Elthlead also introduced the universe that would provide the framework for NCS' later Langrisser series.

Title screen from the MSX release

  • Elthlead (NEC PC-8801)
  • Elthlead (Sharp X1)
  • Elthlead (MSX)
  • History of Elthlead (Sharp X68000)
Director: Tomohiro Tanaka
Original Design: Robert M. Timbello
Chief Designer: Masayuki Suzuki
Designer: Katsuki Tanaka
Technical Leader: Chikara Suzuki
System Engineer: Akiyoshi Saito
AI Programmer: Masayuki Iwashita
Programmer: Gu Yu
Nobumasu Tanaka
Original BGM: Osamu Kawada
Fumie Kawada
Illustrator: Noriyuki Moto

MSX2 Team

Yoshiki Hasegawa
Akira Misota
Max Yu