Race Human
Birthplace Baldea
Age 20
Position Prince of Baldea
Ancestors Raymond, Lewin, Illzach, Ledin, Chris
Voice Actor Takeshi Kusao
Appearances Langrisser II
Langrisser III
Langrisser Mobile

The hero of Langrisser II. Erwin clashes with the Rayguard Empire who is responsible for reviving the sword Alhazard. He is the direct descendant of Ledin and Chris.

His parents were lost when he was young and he was taken in by his foster parent, Doren. During this time his swordsmanship skills were polished to perfection. One night, Doren was murdered by Faias leaving the young Erwin to travel in search of revenge.

When dropping in on the hometown village of Hein, a friend and fellow traveler, he witnesses Liana, the maiden of light, being kidnapped by General Leon of the Rayguard Empire. It was at this event his battle with the Empire begins.

Mega Drive

  • The battle brought Erwin friends he could truly trust, but his dependence on them highlighted his inexperience. One morning visitors came, they found his empty bed. He had left for new adventures in unseen lands.
  • Erwin found friendship, but his spirit couldn't be confined to one spot. At some point he disappeared on another adventure. Rumors spread of a lone hero who accomplished great deeds all over the continent. He wore a winged tiara forged from silver.
  • Erwin found friendship, but his spirit couldn't be confined to one spot. At some point he disappeared on another adventure. Many years later, an intense war split a neighboring continent in half. He wore a winged tiara forged from silver.
  • Enemies, allies and countless soldiers died in the war. The land was burned to cinders and the empire left scars that would persist for generations. In order to build an ideal world, Erwin and Liana began their own journey for true peace.

Der Langrisser

Light Path

As heir of Baldea's royal family, Erwin embraced his destiny and fought for his ideal world. Through his battled, Erwin gained friends he could trust with his life.

  • Evaluating his performance after the war, Erwin found he was lacking in strength and depended too heavily on his friends. One morning, his bed was found empty. Erwin had already set off on another aimless journey. His achievements passed into legend.
  • Inspired by wanderlust, Erwin left in the middle of the night. Three years later, war threatened to split El Sallia in two again. A young traveller arrived and was said to have ended the conflict within days. Stories say he wore a silver tiara shaped like a wing.
  • Erwin was weak and rescued by his friends far to many time. Disappointed with himself, he left in the night before anyone could notice. No one knows what happened to him after that.

Chaos Path

Böser and Erwin ruled the human realm from their throne in Castle Rayguard. Pushed to the brink, the few surviving human rebels launched a strike.

  • Although Langrisser was powerless, Erwin managed to win. However, he sustained serious injuries during the battle and died a lonely death several years later. His death did nothing to diminish Böser’s control on the world, and the Age of Chaos continues.
  • Even without Langrisser, Erwin’s strength was enormous. The invaders’ blood stained the walls of the castle as Erwin ended the lives of anyone who dared to oppose his rule.
  • Without Langrisser, Erwin was too weak to repel the invaders. He was captured and executed for crimes against humanity to the cheers of many spectators. The day humans will once again be free draws nearer.

Imperial Path

With Erwin’s team and Alhazard, the Empire managed to unify the continent. The dual swords made the Empire invincible, and Erwin was promoted to General of the Empire's Radiant Dragon Knights.

  • Erwin could never relax with so many nations plotting against the empire. He still wished for peace to arrive, which it did soon thanks to his relentless efforts.
  • No countries were brave enough to defy the Empire, so there was no longer a reason to fight. The world without warfare Erwin and Leon wished for had arrived, and it would remain as long as the empire stayed strong. The curtains opened on a new era.
  • Battles continued every day as countries plotted against the empire. Erwin was too weak to do anything but sit idly and hope for the best. He obtained a reputation as the empire’s weakest and rarely left his room.

Independent Path

Erwin seemed invincible with Langrisser in hand. He tore through the opposition, crushing the Empire, the Army of Darkness, and the Descendants of Light. After unifying the continent he entrusted the army to Rohga, the magic guild to Hein, and negotiations with the Demon Tribe to Sonya. He works tirelessly to ensure El Sallia becomes a land without war.

  • As King, Erwin always thinks of one person when he is alone: Liana, who died in battle. He swore he would bring peace to her and strives for the people’s happiness.
  • As King, Erwin always thinks of one person when he is alone: Liana, whom he has never met since that fateful day. When he heard she built an orphanage, he sent aid to orphanages across the land and worked to rebuild in the aftermath of war.

Mega Drive

AT DF Class Units Magic
23 18 Fighter Soldier None


AT DF Class Troops Units Magic
23 18 Variable 4 Soldier None

As the protagonist of Langrisser II, Erwin's base statistics are influenced by the player's choices during the character creation quiz.

Langrisser II

Mega Drive

Bishop King
Lord High Lord Sword Master Hero
Fighter Knight Highlander Knight Master Royal Guard
Shaman Magic Knight Grand Knight
Mage Silver Knight

SNES, PC-Engine, SS, PSX, PC

High Lord
Lord General King
*Variable Swordsman
Silver Knight Sword Master Hero
Knight Master Royal Guard

*As the protagonist, Erwin's starting class is influenced by the player's choices during the character creation quiz. These are the available classes: Fighter, Gladiator, Knight, Hawk Knight, Warlock, Bishop, Pirate


Fighter Swordsman Hero
General Grand Marshall
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