Historical Academy of Gaia

The Historical Academy of Gaia was first conceived of by the Quad Elm Foundation (クォード・エレム財団) in GY 2060.

Initially located in the Kingdom of El Meius, the Academy was charged with composing a complete history of the planet of Gaia using then-available records.

The society consisted of eminent scholars and academicians who volunteered to pool their resources during the year's largest scientific conference.

While the Academy made impressive progress, it disintegrated when El Meius fell into civil war in the first half of the 22nd century. Many of the founding scholars went missing or were killed in the war.

The Academy was revived for a brief time by the re-established Quad Elm Foundation during the War of Secession, but total continental war killed the effort and caused all of its records to be lost in GY 2880.

The Continental War ended in GY 3211 after all nations agreed to a treaty of mutual non-agression.

In observation of the new peace, the Academy of History was revived for a third time. However, its function was primarily limited to compiling information related to the Dearsle Federation.

At the beginning of Guyframe, the Academy's scholars are just beginning to expand their research to include recently discovered ancient materials and artifacts.

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