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Israel Abdark
Race Human
Birthplace Mithra
Position Aide of Mithra
Ancestors Unknown
Descendants Unknown
Voice Actor Kōji Ishii
Appearances Langrisser Millennium

A deeply religious man who is a member of the Mithra Orthodox Church and also a soldier in the Church’s crusaders led by Lumatie. Unlike Lumatie who simply believes in the goodness of her church, Israel realizes the complex politics and also realizes the power struggles of the clergy. While Lumatie is beloved by the people, the church’s council plans to get rid of her.

While Israel is able to deduce this, he cannot stop their plans. In the end he uses his own body as a shield to save Lumatie’s life.

In Taji’s and Ne’s story, Isarel goes to Villard at the request of the Church, where he ends up under Baselard’s control with the use of one of the divine blades.