Langrisser: Descendants of Light

Langrisser: Descendants of Light
ラングリッサー 光輝の末裔
Catalog # TOCT-8181
Composer Various
Publisher Toshiba EMI
Price 2,800円
Release\ Date September 29, 1993

Langrisser: Descendants of Light is an album containing original drama segments and arranged songs from the PC-Engine version of Langrisser I.

  2. Smile to Tomorrow (明日に微笑を)
  3. Man-to-Man Fight! (一騎討ち!)
  4. Descendants From Elthlead (エルスリードの末裔)
  5. Kris and Namu (クリスとナーム)
  6. These Feelings… Can't Hold Them Back (この気持ち…おさえきれない)
  7. Beef Shop in the Forest (森の牛問屋)
  8. Light Again (光ふたたび)
  9. Cell Phone (携帯電話)
  10. Don't stop your dream ~from Namu~
  11. Farewell Party (送別会)
  12. Prologue (プロローグ)
  13. With Light (光と共に)
  14. Kingdom Knight (キングダム ナイト)
  15. Holy Sword (ソード オブ ホーリー)
  16. Hard Battle (ハード バトル)
  17. Scramble (スクランブル)
  18. Break Through (ブレイク スルー)
  19. Royal Guard (ロイヤル ガード)
  20. Who Goes There? (誰が行く)
  21. Don't stop your dream ~from Kris~
  22. Bonus ~Answering Machines~ (おまけ~留守番集~)