Langrisser Gaiden: The Secret History of Kalxath

Langrisser Gaiden: The Secret History of Kalxath
Catalog # T-2507G
Composer N/A
Publisher Masaya
Price N/A
Release\ Date February 26, 1998

Langrisser Gaiden: The Secret History of Kalxath is an original drama album included with the Sega Saturn version of Langrisser: Dramatic Edition.

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4
  5. Part 5
  6. Part 6

Part 01

My name is Lance… Lance Kalxath. I'm just a miserable man who failed to protect my lord when it mattered most.

When news of the Kaiser's fall reached me, I knew I had to exact revenge on Baldea. But not long after, I learned something… something that that I should have known much sooner.

It was then that my languishing thoughts of revenge towards Baldea slowly faded away.

It certainly was not because the Baldeans saved me. I've decided I must come to grips with the series of disturbances that have engulfed not just my homeland, but the entire continent.

“Why?” you might be wondering. Because the responsibility lies with me. If only I had been more careful that one time…

Part 02

It was after my first battle with Ledin. I stopped by a village with my remaining troops to resupply and that’s when it happened. Monsters that should have no free will of their own gathered in battle formation and attacked the village.

Of course, I was ready to order my soldiers to fight them off at a moment’s notice. But a tinge of panic surged through me and I hesitated in giving my orders. We could have taken out the monsters, but that moment led me to lose too many young soldiers who had stood by me all this time.

Laetitia fell to their blade in trying to protect me. My most capable adjutant suffered a mortal blow as she jumped in front of me in my moment of weakness. And shortly after, she drew her last breath.

Until then I never saw her as anything more than my aide. It was not until I had lost her that I realized how precious she was to me. And that only contributed to my panic. The horrible scene was too much – it was as if I had lost a part of myself.

The monsters I cut down all had an inscription engraved upon them. It all made sense now. The monsters were being controlled by a sorcerer. A very high-level one at that.

I made a vow to find those controlling the monsters – whoever they were – and to make them pay.

Part 03

Monsters began pouring in from every direction once I came upon a lead that would lead me to the sorcerer. Our numbers thinned severely due to their incessant attacks. I found myself shamefully petrified at the end.

When I came to, I discovered I was saved by the Baldean forces. That was when Ledin asked me to join him.

I wanted to flatly refuse out of honor and pride as a knight, but I swallowed my pride and took up his offer. I was willing to exploit anyone and anything I could – at least until I found the magicians controlling those monsters – even if it meant being branded a traitor.

With my few remaining troops, we began traveling together with the Baldean army. It was like mixing oil and water. Of course, this was somewhat expected as we were sworn enemies not too long ago.

In spite of our best efforts to make it look like everything was OK, the close-minded Baldean troops would pay us no heed, causing my subordinates to whither and shut their hearts. It was then that I became conscious of her existence.

“Who cares what everyone around you thinks? People like that who'd talk behind your back probably wouldn't have anything to say to you anyway. At the very least, I trust you guys. Truth be told, I was originally an outsider myself. So I can understand how you all might be feeling right now.”

Her kind words were just what we needed to ease our anxieties and lighten up a bit. Namu… I've known her for some time, but she was just another opponent with whom to exchange blows on the battlefield.

Now that I think about it, this might be the first time I've ever considered her existence to be so dear.

Ever since then, she’s come to talk to me every time something happened. I saw her as an outsider at first and didn't think much of her, but I've found myself gradually warming up to her.

It’s nothing extraordinary really. I merely shut my heart without realizing it. I might very well be the one truly saved by her kindness. As we began to fight side-by-side and grow closer, I saw the late Laetitia in her.

Whenever the thought crossed my mind, I shook my head and tried to shut it out. It felt as if I was trying to use Namu to fill a gap in my heart: as a selfish way to hide my guilt.

We’re quickly approaching Velzeria, but my heart wavers.

Until now, honing my skills and becoming stronger have been my life's only purpose… but his existence is growing on me.

What should I do? I can't fight like this.

“Namu, how are you holding up?”

“Oh Chris, what brings you here?”

“I was wondering…”


“Are you really OK with not telling him how you feel?”

“'Him?' Haha, who could you possibly be talking about?”

“There's no reason to hide it. Don't worry, I haven't told anyone.”

“So you knew…”

“We're both girls, so I know what's on your mind… You do like Lance after all, right?”

“Oh no! Not like that. Umm… I just…”

“You might as well get it over with now. After tomorrow, you might not get the chance ever again. I'll make sure no one else knows in the meantime!”

“Chris, thank you so much!”


“I, umm…”

“That reminds me, could you hold on to this for me?”

“A necklace…?”

“Velzeria will be the last line of defense for the monsters. It's no doubt going to be quite the battle and I don't want to lose this necklace. This was left by someone very close to me…”

“Someone close?”

“Yes. Of course, I could wear it myself, but it doesn't look right on me. At the same time, I don't want to lose it either. But in your case, you wouldn't drop your guard against any monster. I want you to wear it in my place. Here, try it on.”

“Uh? W, wait…”

“It looks good on you. You'd best get going now. I don't mind, but everyone else might misunderstand if they saw you around me. A drop in morale before the final battle would best be avoided.”

“Wait! I want you to know how I feel too! I–”

“Hold it right there! I don't deserve to hear the rest of that sentence until I've settled my own problems. Please understand.”

“But Velzeria is–”

“It's OK. Do I look so unreliable? Don't worry. The necklace will surely watch over us.”

“I'm sorry…”

“Not at all. When we get back, I'll tell you all about it. About the previous owner of that necklace, and then I'll be ready to hear what it is you wanted to tell me just now.”

Unfortunately, he never came back after the battle…

I took some time off to go on an adventure. To further brush up my swordsmanship was the official reason, but really, I just wanted to return this necklace to him. And help him with any trouble he might be having.

In the beginning, Namu only told me the official reason for her departure. Many trials stood between her and her reunion with Lance.

It wasn't until much later, after going through so much hardship together, that they wed and founded the Kingdom of Kalxath.

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