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Langrisser Millennium

Title screen

Langrisser Millenium is a tactical role-playing game developed by Masaya, the entertainment division of NCS and Santa Entertainment.

It was initially released for the Sega Dreamcast, but was later ported to Windows PC98.

The story follows one of five characters as they battle to unify the continents of Divernia and Illuminia, all the while an ancient evil lurks in the background.

  • Langrisser Millennium (Dreamcast)
  • Langrisser Millennium (PC Windows 98)
Langrisser Millennium
Player Characters
TajiMeiMasaribaLumatieSaryun Der Virdern
Salem Characters
AldanLuqman Yang XiengLin
Shin Characters
Fenraw Characters
Gradi SinhaKatze Cash
Mithra Characters
Vidern Characters
Ashi NakaruhaBaselard Krall
Dagut Characters
Garson Der DagutGraf Zardoz
Mons Meg Characters
Rosa Mons MegTaurvi RadonnaZairishi Radonna
Other Characters
Lotus ShemRyuen ChowGazei Kutoku Sarban 13 Sharif 777
Kingdom of SalemShinFenrawMithra TheocracyVidernDagutMons MegVillard
Society of LightLibras (ライブラス)Suluktan
Scenarios Character Creation Affinity Units Formations Items Techniques