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Langrisser Schwarz was a free-to-play MMORPG being developed by Gamania Digital Entertainment as the first release in the Langrisser Phoenix Project, a planned commemoration of the series' 20th anniversary. Since December 2012 the game has been lost in development hell.

he last post to the official Twitter account @LGSonline was on March 23, 2012. In addition, Gamania allowed its registration of the domain name to expire. For these reasons, Langrisser Schwarz is generally considered to be vaporware.

The game would have implemented the branching class changing system of past Langrisser games, as well as secret classes, in action MMORPG form. Players would have been able to choose to be aligned with Light, Dark or Imperial forces.

Schwarz was reportedly in alpha testing in China in July 2012. Gamania said the final product would be released in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

The official site remains accessible through Gamania's product page at


Since the age of the Gods, the world has been divided between light and darkness. The conflict between the two brought about a war that seemed to rage on for eternity.

To bolster the forces of darkness, Chaos descended into the mortal world with his evil sword, Alhazard, turning all who would stand against the monsters into rivers of blood. His forces went unopposed until Lushiris forged Langrisser, the holy sword. With Langrisser, the people were able to seal away Chaos and Alhazard.

With the war of the Gods over, both swords were lost and forgotten.

As time passed, the former servants of Chaos left behind their dark lord to form a “Dark Alliance.” From their underground kingdom, they began a new search for Alhazard plotting to use its power to cleanse the world of impurities and rebuild it in an ideal image.

Warriors of light, led by Lushiris' avatar Jessica, stand in their way.

The new conflict is complicated by a third power, the militaristic Drake Empire, which has rapidly expanded its influence over the land. The empire's rulers believe that people can end the wars on their own and need the guidance of neither light nor dark Gods.

These screenshots were taken by Chinese beta testers during the trial run in July 2012. It is unknown how much further the game developed, or whether it did.

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