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Licorice Lovina
Race Human
Birthplace Gresden
Position Princess of Darkness
Ancestors Digos
Appearances Langrisser RE: Incarnation

Ares sister, who disappeared when during his childhood.

Licorice is a gentle girl who has a kind spirit and she is fond of any creatures. She has a strong sense of responsibility and will try to do as much as she can.

She bears the mark of Böser it is later revealed that this mark is also a sign of being an heir of the Empire, which on one path she does become Empress.

While often polite and shy, when Böser takes over her she becomes blood-thirsty.

Nintendo 3DS

Thaumaturge Wizard
Warlock Master Summoner
Magician Necromancer
Shaman Dark Cultist
Dark Priest
Infidel Princess
Langrisser RE: Incarnation - TENSEI -
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