Race Demon
Birthplace Velzeria
Age Unknown
Title Lieutenant of Velzeria
Ancestors Unknown
Descendants None
Voice Actor Yukiko Mannaka
Appearances Langrisser IV

Listell is a mid-ranking commander in the Velzerian forces. Although she does have her own merits, she fails so many missions that Böser treats her as a problem child.

She is dispatched by Böser to speak to Frederick about a possible alliance between Velzeria and Regenburg.

After she is defeated by Landius she decides to follow him, since going back to Böser would mean her certain death. She becomes a valuable asset for the team, teaching them about the culture and tactics of the demon tribe.

Her time with Landius helps her learn to understand humans, and it is possible for her to become his primary love interest.

Path B

  • Listell becomes a general of Böser and fights many wild and fierce battles before succumbing to her wounds and dying.
  • Listell becomes an administrator of the human provinces. However, internal conflicts with another clan of demons leads to her assassination.

Path C

  • Landius and Listell decide to marry, but their relationship goes opposed by virtually every human and demon on the continent. They move into a small cabin in the forests west of Caconsis.
  • Listell begins running an inn in order to learn to understand humans better. Her reputation as a fine hostess gradually leads people to accept her.
  • Unable to overcome all the humans who hate her, Listell flees from Caconsis feeling cynical and bitter. She eventually changes her mind and finds new hope of being accepted when she is thanked for saving a child from a gang of bandits.
  • Listell gives up all hope of ever being accepted and leads the surviving demons in a revolt. Before she can make any serious progress she is assassinated by one of her followers.
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