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Luqman Yang Xieng
Race Human
Birthplace Suluktan
Age Many Centuries
Position Fencing Teacher
Salem Knight
Libras Leader
Voice Actor Yosuke_Akimoto
Appearances Langrisser Millennium WS
Langrisser Millennium
Designer K2 Company(both games)

A hero of Suluktan who survived the destruction of the ancient civilization and has lived for a long time by delaying his aging process through the use of a special breathing technique. His long life made him a witness to the world's history, even acting as historian in Salem. He was once a student under Abakur but disagreed with the ways of Society of Light and started opposing them secretly.


Langrisser Millennium WS

Luqman was Zion’s and Shem's fencing teacher. Haven't visited Zion for a year, he came to the Rikukaba ranch to give his usual class and was surprised that the boy had become as strong as his senior student, Shem. When Zion says he wants to go out of the ranch to travel the world like Shem, Luqman says he isn't strong enough and should practice his sword skills more. Suddenly the ranch is attacked by robbers who want the animals, Luqman wonders why they would want cargo transporting animals.

After defeating the robbers and meeting the Zigrad maidens, Luqman admits having heard about the Suluktan treasures hid in the village. Deciding wheter to recover the stolen treasure, he and Tiana reveal they were actually knights of Salem and that Zion is the prince of that destroyed country. During the following battle Luqman tells Zion not to have doubts in his heart or else die in battle. After beating Lucino again, Luqman suspects someone is supplying him, either the Federation or the Neo-Empire.

Having catch up with Makhaira, Luqman says it won't be easy to reach her since the robbers are blocking the path. He also berates Zion for still hesitating in battle, Zion responds he can't go back home now. After capturing Makhaira, Luqman says she ought to have something to prove who she is since she isn't cooperating. Then, Tiana decides to take the captive aside for further questioning only to be mortally wounded by someone who appeared to defend Makhaira. Luqman hears her scream and tries to treat the wound, to no avail since it was too deep. When Tiana says the one who attacked her was Shem, Luqman can't believe it. After Tiana mutters her last words before dying, Luqman tells the former Salem knight to rest in peace.

Luqman and the heroes then find the stranded ark who carried the Suluktan treasure. He says they should board the ship before the federal forces which also arrived at the crash site. When they board the ark they find nothing but a strange clock which Luqman tells Zion not to approach, Alia identifies it as a bomb from their village which prompts Ilia to tell everyone to run. They survive the explosion and the twins finally reveal what the stolen treasure was: the Archangel and Archdemon weapons, Luqman then surmises that if either the Federation or the Neo-Empire wants to rule the world they will use the power of those weapons.

The heroes are pursued by Lucino only to be unexpectedly helped by Salvan and Shariq, after this they encounter Flail of the Neo-Empire who orders Épée and Estoc, whose young age surprises Luqman, to hold the group while he advances. Next they fight Shem, however Luqman notices he only has a murdering intent, and when he's defeated they discover it was actually Barbaroi under Sipos's illusion spell.

The heroes finally catch up with the Archdemon which is being protected by Makhaira. Luqman comments that due to size of the weapons they can only move one at a time. They also have to fight Federation and Empire forces to reach the Archdemon. Luqman finds it terrible that one holding the Alhazard in the heart of the Archdemon could control destruction and extinction, after the twins explain the nature of the relics. Shem decides to activate the sleeping weapon to save Makhaira and doing so destroys 3 mountains making the other forces retreat while the heroes enter the Archdemon.

Inside, Luqman finds the Alhazard and the twins say they plan to use one them to replace it as the heart of the Archdemon as the only way to stop the runaway weapon. Luqman is baffled they can do this and when Zion won't choose one of them to be sacrificed, Luqman says he understand their feelings and reminds him that he said to the girls that he won't ever retreat. When Zion finally chooses one of the twins, Alhazard blasts off and the group hurries to exit the Archdemon, which transforms into the World Tree as they reach the outside. Luqman wonders why it transformed and is told by the surviving maiden that it was the will of her sister, Zion can't accept it but Luqman tells him to calm down and respect their suffering.

If Makhaira dies, an extra scene happens during the ending where Luqman tries to convince Shem to join Libras, Lutemia also appears being already a member during this time.

Langrisser Millennium

Luqman reappears a hundred years later, as Lin's teacher. He's famous for being a legendary strategist and a hero who served under an ancient Salem king. He informs Lin of the 2 secret societies controlling the world from the shadows, one being the Society of Light and the other Libras. He's the leader of the latter which wants to bring balance to the world. Then he tells Lin or Mei to go to the Giza Ruins for the Stone Tongue, so they can learn about his and the Society of Light's secrets from a recording he left at the device.

Finally, he reveals himself as a member of Libras and invites the heroes to their base at the Floating Castle. There Luqman clarifies that what they promote is not justice, since they have done their share of evil deeds for the sake of seeking peace. The final Libras test for the heroes is to battle them. When defeated he can be chosen to join the party1) and tells them to bring a person who seeks their destiny to the final battle. If he's in the party he can answer Sharif's riddle about Suluktan and get him to join.

If he's in the party during the final battle against the Society of Light he tells his teacher Abakur that Suluktan is long gone and there's no need for a new god only to be called a bed-wetting boy. Abakur also remarks that he has become fairly old, saying the secret breathing technique is inferior to the Eternal Youth Barrier. Finally, his former teacher says the fools of the world can't do anything without a god.

Langrisser Millennium

“Even though he should be older than everyone else, he runs faster than them, the old man of Libras.”

Langrisser Millennium WS

Swordsman Sword Master Adept
Knight Knight Master

Langrisser Millenium

Langrisser Millennium WS: The Last Century
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