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Lutemia Riel
Race Angel
Birthplace Suluktan
Age Many Centuries
Position Libras Deputy
Voice Actor Emi Shinohara
Appearances Langrisser Millennium WS
Langrisser Millennium
Designer Kaishaku

The legendary black-winged angel, said to be the world's most beautiful being in addition to having a huge uncontrollable power. In fact, Lutemia was created by the ancient civilization of Suluktan as a prototype of winged people through advanced genetic manipulation. She and Arios were once lovers and their relationship has become legend. Another tale tells she flies through battlefields to see the end of God Swordsmen, therefore she has been called an angel of death.


Langrisser Millennium WS

If Makhaira dies due a player choice in Langrisser Millennium WS, an extra scene happens during the ending where Lutemia arrives flying during the Luqman and Shem conversation, she's already a member of future Libras by this point.

Langrisser Millennium

100 years later, she appears as an angel to Lumatie to give her a God Sword and warn of the coming events. This encounter left a profound effect on Lumatie who still believer she's a real angel. Maintaining her youth and strength, she serves as the deputy of the secret society Libras and can be recruited by the player after an event battle against the organization.

If she's in the party during the final battle against the Society of Light she questions Arios where has he been if he was going to save the people, only to be told that he doesn't want to be bothered by someone who serves a senseless organization which opposes them. Finally, he says that he will never stop being angry for loving a monster like her.

Langrisser Millennium

“Even if her wings burn, she's gonna fly holding her monarch, Angel of Death.”


Langrisser Millenium

Langrisser Millennium WS: The Last Century
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