Race Monster
Birthplace Velzeria
Position None
Ancestors Unknown
Descendants None
Voice Actor Ikuo Nishikawa
Yasuhiko Kawazu
Appearances Langrisser I

Nagya is a wizard that Ledin and company encounter in a town under siege by wolfmen, where he plans to sacrifice the whole town to Chaos. Later when the Baldean forces reach Velzeria, they once again meet Nagya, with his master Böser and Nicolis. Böser suggests that he should “entertain” the guest. It appears that in this conflict he is killed.

Though having been killed Nagya is revived by Nicolis. He is encountered again when Ledin and company stumble upon the ruins of an ancient battle. He shows his power over life, when he creates golems. Nagya summons three golems Gordith, Zarath, and Momoch to help him battle. Nagya and his golems will be killed once more.