Prohibited Parody Play

“Prohibited Parody Play” (禁断のパロディ遊び) is a joke story included on the CD-ROM of Langrisser IV for the Sega Saturn.

It places the game's characters in a scenario lifted from Neon Genesis Evangelion, a Japanese cartoon by Gainax.

This story is just a goofy parody. The writers recommend that any reader who doesn't want to destroy his image of the wonderful game close this file without reading another word.

“I don't care!” you say? Well then read on. But remember, this is nothing but nonsense…

Aldan: Langrisser has torn through the enemy's AT field!

Ranford: Amazing … it went through the AT field so easily.

Emily: Rachel, look out! It's recovering!

Rachel: Ahh … My cable!?

Aldan: Guyframe Unit 00 has switched to its internal power. It will shut down within three minutes!

Emily: Jettison the entry plug! Direct all your efforts to protect the pilot.

Aldan: Signal rejected!? It's no good! The Guyframe isn't responding!

Reese: Nerve pulses are flowing backward! The pilot is at risk of brain damage!

Gendrasil: What will you do, Gizarof?

Gizlof: Deploy Unit 02.

Kreuger: But Unit 02's pilot is still …

Gizlof: Install the Dummy Plug in Unit 02. We can't afford to lose Rachel.

Ranford: Reconfigure Unit 02 to accept the Dummy Plug! Hurry up!

Next week, Unit 02 heads to the battlefield with the Dummy Plug, a copy of Kreuger. But little does anyone know that hidden within the Dummy Plug is a fatal defect!

Be sure to tune in. I'll give you lots more fan service!

Translated by D 2003/01/23 03:23

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