Race Human
Birthplace Gotahl
Age 14
Title None
Ancestors Gotahl Elder
Descendants None
Voice Actor Hideo Ishikawa
Appearances Langrisser IV

He is the true son of the village chief and calls Landius his older brother and Rachel his older sister. He is somewhat a narcissist and a ladies' man and is a little too trusting. He ends up falling for Shelfaniel and because of that becomes involved in the fate of Caconsis kingdom.

Paths A/C


Through the battle, Ricky grew to become a fine young man. Some years later, he married Shefaniel, who became the queen of Caconsis. Together they ushered in a golden age of peace and prosperity for the kingdom.


After the war, he enlisted in the Caconsis military and strove to end post-war chaos as the youngest general in the country's history. His brash spirit put him in dangerous situations on the battlefield. His final years were spent sick in bed, as he struggled with an infection. Even in his final days, he proved to be a wise but loudmouthed old man, shouting orders from his bed.

Path B


Once Böser's brainwashing of his sister Rachel came to an end, he learned of Landius's true motives and became his enemy. After the resurrection of Chaos, he joined the resistance movement and fought to protect the human race.

His zeal inspired many to join the resistance, and the movement's power steadily rose. His dream of retaking the world from the clutches of the demons may not have been far off after all.


When the kingdom of demons was formed, his many deeds were recognized and he became a demon general, despite his humanity.

For this reason, the human resistance attempted to assassinate him countless times. Overconfident by nature, the attempts at Ricky's life finally succeeded. The assassination was carried out by a single woman: the Queen of Caconsis, Shelfaniel.

Battle Master
Gladiator Serpent Lord Serpent Master
Fighter General
Sorcerer Marshal
Archmage Hermit
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