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Race Human
Birthplace Unknown
Age Unknown
Position Wandering Strategist
Ancestors Unknown
Descendants Unknown
Voice Actor Miyuki Sawashiro
Appearances Langrisser RE: Incarnation

A mysterious tactician who lost her childhood memories. She was raised by unknown people at an unknown island. Towa uses unique combat techniques.

While growing up, she had few chances to talk with other people, so she's emotionally detached and uncommunicative. For some reason she visited the local lord and became the commander of Ares' vigilance group.

The sword she wields is the Kotetsu which was given to her by the mysterious creature that raised her.

Nintendo 3DS

White Lord Holy Master
Holy Knight
White Lord General
White Knight High Lord
Knight Elite Ranger Master Ranger
Heavy Knight
Knight Master
Langrisser RE: Incarnation - TENSEI -
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