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Race Beastman
Age Many Centuries
Position God Swordsman
Langrisser's Sheath
Voice Actor Kenyu_Horiuchi
Appearances Langrisser Millennium
Designer K2 Company

A mysterious masked God Swordsman with no memories who carries a huge God Sword on his back. This sword is said to have the chaos god Divor's soul dwelling inside it, being capable of destroying the world. However there's no one in the world with enough courage to confirm the authenticity of this story. He can't get rid of the sword in any way.

He has been wandering since the era of the ancient Suluktan civilization, searching for his destiny. Only when he finds out what his fate really is, will he be allowed to die. Therefore, he keeps on his journey looking for someone strong enough to lead him to his destiny.


He will join the player if defeated in battle.

The sword on his back is actually the holy sword Langrisser. In order to protect the shapeless holy sword, a person's shape was necessary making Verethragna Langrisser's human sheath. The holy sword finally breaks its seal during the final fight against Isharar exposing the artificial god as the reincarnation of the chaos god Divor, the sword then becomes light, empowering the heroes and making the battle a lot easier if Verethragna is in the party.

“Being able to be just a man having fulfilled his destiny, he expressed a smile, the beast calms.”