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Werner von Eigil
Race Human
Birthplace Kalxath
Age 23
Position Marquis of Eigil
Captain of Kalxath Knights
Ancestors Altemüller, Varna
Descendants None
Aliases Sigma, Σ-066
Voice Actor Hikaru Midorikawa
Appearances Langrisser V

Werner1) is the protagonist of Langrisser V and only son of the Duke of Eigil in Rigüler Province, which during the time of Langrisser V has been incorporated into the Empire of Kalxath.

After fleeing Kalxath after being falsely accused of the murder of its kaiser, Werner wanders to Yeless and enters the service of Gizarof, who later subjects him to his enhanced human experiments and turns Werner into a super soldier with no memories.

Back Story

At a young age, he was shown to be a prodigy in the sword arts. The Emperor of Kalxath accepted him into the Imperial Knights, and he soon ascended the ranks to become captain of the Knights of Kalxath.

One night while guarding the empire, a man in dark entered through the window, disabled him and killed the kaiser, placing the bloody sword into a bewildered Werner's hand. When Clarett and the other guards entered to investigate the commotion, they found Werner and assumed he was the murderer. For this assumed crime, his entire family was put to death. The province of Rigüler became the property of Gilmore.

Werner fled to Yeless, where he came into the service of Gizarof. He and Omega handled many assignments for Gizlof in his laboratory. He was a kind, though his eyes were those of a man who was waiting for death. During this time, he allowed McClaine, one of Gizlof's failed experiments, to escape from the lab.

One day, Clarett came to Yeless to seek vengeance and Werner allowed himself to be pierced through the heart by her sword. Gizlof and Omega reclaimed Werner's body and subjected him to a series of experiments that reanimated him, turned him into an enhanced human and purged his memories.

When he awoke in Gizlof's laboratory, he knew only that he had been assigned the

As experiment number Σ-066, “Sigma” was given the ability to regenerate his body while in possession of Langrisser. The experiment, however, proves to be a failure, and Sigma is only able to regenerate one time. Gizlof later perfects repeated regeneration in his experiments on Omega.

Main Story

Sigma is then stored in a box in Gizlof's laboratory to await reanimation at a date when he is needed. However, his slumber is disrupted when Lainforce and Aizel raid the

After accepting his identity as Sigma and fleeing the laboratory with Lambda, he encounters Clarett, who is bewildered that the man she killed is still alive.

Path B Bronze
Path B
Gladiator Sword Master Gold
Fighter Battlemaster
Path A Path A Silver
Path A
Path C Iron

The paths in Werner's chart are determined by the player's answers to Question 2 of the character creation quiz. The two secret classes available will be determined by the metal chosen during Question 1. Gold will always open the Hero secret class.

Earth Water Fire Wind
Path A Silver Knight Captain Sorcerer Hawk Lord
Path B Brave Knight Serpent Knight Mage Dragon Knight
Path C Knight Master Serpent Lord Archmage Dragon Lord
Path D Royal Guard Serpent Master Hermit Dragon Master
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The name Werner appears only in the Langrisser V novelization: not in-game.