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Zion Salem
Race Human
Birthplace Salem
Position Prince of Salem
Descendants Unknown
Appearances Langrisser Millennium WS
Designer Kaishaku

Zion was a young boy who had lived most of his life on the Rikkaba ranch with his mother Tiana. He longs for adventure and tires of ranch work. He is visited yearly by Luqman who helps to train him in swordsmanship.

On the year of his 15th birthday, Luqman visited the ranch and tests out Zion's skills and is surprised that the young boy's skill, which have begun to rival Luqman's other pupil, Shem.

In the midst of the lesson, his home is suddenly raided by bandits led by Lucius, who tries to make off with their animals leading to Zion's first real battle, they are able to drive Lucius and his men off, but not without the loss of some animals.

As Luqman and Tiana are wondering about what had happened, a pair of girls, Alia and Ilia, twins from the village of Ziggurat stumble upon the scene. They reveal the reason for why the bandits needed animals, to move a treasure which was stolen from their village.

Having little experience of the outside world and seeing the strength of Zion and the others, Alia asks Zion if he'll help them recover the treasure. This pulls him into the adventure he’s so long desired.

Zion soon finds out that he is in truth the prince of a country which had fallen known as Salem. Tiana is not really his mother, but a knight who pledged to keep him safe along with Luqman.

Langrisser Millennium WS

Swordsman Sword Master King
Knight Knight Master
Langrisser Millennium WS: The Last Century
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